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El Nino

Underwater coral reef with group of tropical fish anthias, Red sea resort concept, Egypt

Global ocean roiled by marine heatwaves, with more on the way

The surface temperatures of about 40% of the global ocean are already high enough to meet the criteria for a marine heatwave — a period of persistent anomalously warm ocean temperatures — which can have significant impacts on marine life as well as coastal communities and economies. The new forecast by the Physical Sciences Laboratory (PSL) projects that it will increase to 50% by September, and it could stay that way through the end of the year.

Accepted for publication: Biogeochemical anomalies at two southern California Current System moorings during the 2014‐16 Warm Anomaly‐El Niño sequence

Available online 6 September 2019

The 2014‐16 Pacific Warm Anomaly‐El Niño sequence significantly changed ocean conditions in the California Current System (CCS), but impacts of these anomalies on nutrients, chlorophyll‐a, and pH, and comparisons to past El Niño events, have not been well described. We examined nine years (2010‐2018) of data from two ocean moorings that provide hourly measurements at fixed locations in the southern CCS, allowing us to determine both sub‐seasonal and multi‐year ecosystem changes.

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