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Pathways to NOAA Research

Student Opportunities

President Obama’s 2010 Executive Order entitled “Recruiting and Hiring Students and Recent Graduates;” established the Pathways Program. It directed the Office of Personnel Management to implement the programs throughout the federal government.

Results-Driven Research Networks

The Pathways Program is an opportunity for students and recent graduates to join Federal Service. It includes three programs

  1. Current students
  2. Recent graduates
  3. Presidential Management Fellows

Participants who complete the requirements for their program may be eligible to be non-competitively converted to a permanent position.

OAR Pathways Programs

Intern Employment Program

The Internship Program provides students who are enrolled in or accepted for enrollment in a wide variety of qualifying educational institutions with paid opportunities to work either part- or full-time in agencies and explore career paths related to their academic fields of study or career interests. Students who successfully complete the program requirements may be eligible for non-competitive conversion to a term or permanent position in the civil service.

Recent Graduates Program

The Recent Graduates Program is a dynamic, one-year developmental program that promotes careers in the Federal Government to recent graduates. Individuals must apply within two years of receiving a qualifying degree or certificate, with the exception of veterans, who have up to six years to apply to the Recent Graduates Program due to military service obligations.

Presidential Management Fellows Program

The Presidential Management Fellows Program is the Federal Government’s premier, two-year leadership development program for advanced degree candidates who demonstrate academic excellence, possess management and leadership potential, and have a clear interest in and commitment to public service.
*Individuals must apply within two years of receiving a qualifying advanced degree.

NOAA-Wide Opportunities

The Experience of a Lifetime

Work alongside scientists and other students to solve complex problems related to our environment. Additional undergraduate and graduate internship, scholarship and fellowship programs can be found on the NOAA Student Opportunities webpage. Presidential Management Fellows (PMF) opportunities can be found on the PMF website.

Take a look at the opportunities available in our PDF flyer below.

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Join our team through Pathways

Find opportunities for OAR Pathways on USAJobs .
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