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Earth System Science Beyond Boundaries

International Activities

International Scientific Collaboration

Staci Rijal, OAR's International Affairs Director, delivers speech at All Atlantic Forum, July 13, 2022

NOAA’s mission extends beyond the United States to oceans, ecosystems, and the atmosphere throughout the world. While all of NOAA’s line offices conduct research, NOAA Research is the only line office dedicated solely to conducting research and development. NOAA Research supports NOAA’s mission by collaborating with partners from around the world to expand data collection, maximize the mutual benefits of international exchange, and work with global experts in ocean, atmosphere, and climate sciences.

The NOAA Research International Activities Office is dedicated to working with NOAA labs and programs and international partners to develop new ideas, partnerships, and technologies that result in improved services for the United States.



NOAA’s science and technology enterprise is enhanced by engaging with other countries on large-scale projects of mutual interest. Our partnerships with international institutions allow NOAA access to foreign data, technology, expertise, geographic locations, and other cost-sharing opportunities that advances our research and benefits the global community.

Our three operational objectives support NOAA’s overall vision of healthy ecosystems, communities, and economies that are resilient to environmental change.

Headshot of IA office director Staci Rijal

Staci Rijal, Director


  • Principal Advisor to OAR on International Activities
  • Oversight of all OAR/IA programs and staff activities
  • Personnel Actions/Performance Evaluations
  • Budget management/execution
  • NOAA International Affairs Council Representative for OAR

Headshot of IA office member Monica Morales

Mónica Morales, Program Support Specialist

Geographic Portfolio:

  • Latin American (support)
  • Caribbean (support)
  • IOCARIBE (support)
Other Responsibilities:
  • Electronic Country Clearance (eCC) (All OAR)
  • J1 Visas (All OAR)
  • OAR/IA Website
  • OAR/IA Internal Handbook
  • Joint Project Agreement (JPA) budget tracking database
  • Assist with foreign travel
  • Controlled Correspondence Unit (CCU)
  • Records Management
  • Office Supplies/Equipment
  • National Sea Grant (support)

Headshot of Jim Berkson

Jim Berkson, Program Analyst

Geographic Portfolio:

  • Arctic Lead
  • Canada
  • Russia
  • Arctic Ocean Basin Team Lead
  • Atlantic Ocean Basin Team
Other Responsibilities:
  • World Meteorological Organization
  • All-Atlantic Ocean Research and Innovation Alliance (AAORIA)
  • Records Management
  • Office Supplies/Equipment
  • Weather Program Office
  • National Severe Storms Laboratory

Headshot of Alicia Cheripka

Alicia Cheripka, Program Analyst

Geographic Portfolio:

  • Europe Lead
  • Atlantic Ocean Basin Lead
  • Arctic Ocean Team
Other Responsibilities:
  • Marine Scientific Research Permits
  • United Nations (UN) Ocean Conference
  • Office of Ocean Exploration and Research
  • Earth System Research Laboratories

Headshot of Joseph Naughton

Joseph Naughton, Program Analyst

Geographic Portfolio:

  • Africa Lead
  • Middle East Lead
  • Antarctica Lead
  • Indian Ocean Basin Lead
  • Southern Ocean Lead
  • Atlantic Ocean Basin Team
Other Responsibilities:
  • Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC)
  • G7/G20
  • UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)
  • Climate Program Office
  • Air Resources Laboratory (ARL)

Zoraida Perez Delgado headshot

Zoraida P. Pérez Delgado, Program Analyst

Geographic Portfolio:

  • Latin America Lead
  • Caribbean Lead
  • Atlantic Ocean Basin Team
  • Pacific Ocean Basin Team
  • Southern Ocean Basin Team
Other Responsibilities:
  • Joint Statement on Atlantic Cooperation
  • Global Ocean Monitoring and Observing Program (GOMO)
  • Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory (AOML)
  • OAR Communications
Sarah Zaunbrecher headshot

Sarah Zaunbrecher, Program Analyst

Geographic Portfolio:

  • South and Southeast Asia Lead
  • Australia, New Zealand, and Pacific Islands Lead
  • Indian Ocean Basin Team
  • Pacific Ocean Basin Team
  • Southern Ocean Team
Other Responsibilities:
  • Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC)
  • UN Regular Process
  • Quad Indo-Pacific Ocean Research Alliance
  • National Sea Grant College Program
  • Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory (GFDL)
  • Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory (PMEL)
  • Legislative Affairs/Congressional Affairs

Mikayla Basanese headshot

Mikayla Basanese, Program Analyst (Contractor)

Geographic Portfolio:

  • Arctic (Support)
  • China and Taiwan (Support)
  • Japan Lead
  • Korea Lead
  • Pacific Ocean Basin Team Lead
  • Arctic Ocean Team
Other Responsibilities:
  • UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)
  • Climate Program Office
  • Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory (GLERL)

Madyson Miller headshot

Madyson Miller, Program Analyst (Contractor)

Geographic Portfolio:

  • Europe (Support)
  • Atlantic Ocean Basin Team
Other Responsibilities:
  • UN Decade
  • Our Ocean Conference
  • eCC Backup (All OAR)
  • ESRL Labs (Support)
  • Ocean Acidification Program

Devin Burri headshot

Devin Burri, 2023 Sea Grant Knauss Fellow

Geographic Portfolio:

  • Africa (Support)
  • Atlantic Ocean Basin Team
  • Southern Ocean Basin Team
Other Responsibilities:
  • International Agreement Database and Economic Valuation Study
  • Youth Engagement Programs
  • Knauss Fellowship (for ‘24; support)
  • Intergovernmental
  • Oceanographic
  • Commission (IOC) (support)
  • National Sea Grant Week
  • Weekly Reports
  • IA Calendar
  • National Sea Grant (support)
  • OAR Communications (support)

Headshot of Meredith Kurz

Meredith Kurz, Program Analyst

(on detail)


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