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Group of women scientists on steps

Women in Sciences Leadership Workshop

Women face many leadership challenges at every career stage. NOAA hosts a “Women in Sciences Leadership” workshop to provide training that builds personal leadership and management skills for success in scientific organizations. This annual workshop started in 2018 and continues to provide women across the nation with skills with a better understanding of their natural work styles, how to work with others, and how to deliver and accept feedback, and emotional intelligence. While NOAA supports this workshop, it is open to all people in sciences who identify as women.

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Shannon replenishes the expendable bathythermographs (XBTs) in the XBT auto-launcher. The XBTs collect temperature data about the water column and

Women in the Sciences Leadership Workshop

The Women in the Sciences Leadership Workshop is an opportunity for scientists (e.g., graduate students to senior scientists) and those that work with scientists, to interact with each other, build new networks, and develop important skill sets. The program highlights emotional intelligence, leadership styles and individual strengths.  The workshop fosters communication among researchers (both academic and Federal), non-profits, and private industry across all fields of science.

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Protecting the ocean, protecting our future at IMPAC5

NOAA is joining an international cohort of community leaders in marine protection, including youth and indigenous voices, at the Fifth International Marine Protected Areas Congress (IMPAC5) Conference. From February 3-9, 2023, in Vancouver, Canada, marine conservation managers, practitioners, and decision makers will consider policies, priorities, and processes that proactively contribute to a healthy blue planet while also improving economic sustainability. 

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AOML participates in All-Atlantic Research Forum

Dr. Kelly Goodwin, a microbiologist at NOAA’s Atlantic Oceanographic & Meteorological Laboratory, recently served as one of the NOAA representatives at the historic signing of the All-Atlantic Ocean Research and Innovation Declaration during the All-Atlantic Ocean Research Forum 2022. This declaration represents a major milestone towards ocean science diplomacy and a cooperative effort towards a sustainable Atlantic Ocean. The Atlantic Ocean serves as a valuable resource for many nations and requires widespread cooperation in order to effectively establish a management framework to address climate change, pollution, ocean observation, marine ecosystem conservation, a sustainable ocean economy, and effective aquaculture and fisheries.

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