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Protecting the ocean, protecting our future at IMPAC5

NOAA joins global community leaders to strengthen marine protection and improve the blue economy

We live on a blue planet, critical to life on earth: generating oxygen, home to a wide range of biodiversity, economic opportunities from food supply to recreation, and cultural significance for many people. So how are we protecting this precious resource as a global community? 

NOAA is joining an international cohort of community leaders in marine protection, including youth and indigenous voices, at the Fifth International Marine Protected Areas Congress (IMPAC5) Conference. From February 3-9, 2023, in Vancouver, Canada, marine conservation managers, practitioners, and decision makers will consider policies, priorities, and processes that proactively contribute to a healthy blue planet while also improving economic sustainability. 

Goals for IMPAC5 include showcasing the important role of marine protected areas (MPAs) in addressing the climate crisis as well as strengthening networks in cooperation for marine conservation. Outcomes of this conference support efforts to conserve at least 30% of our lands and waters by 2030. In addition, several sessions will demonstrate the linkages between MPAs, ocean conservation, and the initiatives of the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development

Join NOAA Research as we discuss:

Want to learn more? Check out the entire schedule for IMPAC5, register, or learn more about how NOAA is contributing to the Ocean Decade.  

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