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Women in the Sciences Leadership Workshop

The goal of the workshop is to train women in leadership, mentoring, and team building, help them to gain self-confidence in promoting themselves, network with other women in similar career stages and also connect with leaders from major scientific organizations. The women will be taught about their specific personality types, how they can optimize their own strengths for different leadership styles and how to best assess the needs of the personnel working for them. The skills and network gained through the workshop will better prepare women to seek out a leadership position, be successful in obtaining a leadership position and make them more likely to be retained in that position.

The Women in the Sciences Leadership Workshop series has been ongoing since 2018 and has now directly reached 300 women across the country and internationally. The “Building Leadership Skills for Success in the Scientific Workforce” workshop was founded by NOAA Research’s Global Ocean Monitoring and Observing (GOMO) program and is sponsored by NOAA and the Earth Science Women’s Network. This series was born from a need for women in the sciences to have professional leadership and management training, especially at a time when women are still a minority in scientific leadership roles. Science is rarely done in isolation; in almost any position, leadership and management skills are an important contributor to success. Yet, these skills are seldom discussed as part of an academic education, and hardly, if ever, show up in professional trainings for scientists. This workshop is designed to provide techniques and foster skills in leadership and management for women in various scientific roles.

Women from traditionally underserved groups, transgender women, and those who identify as non-binary are encouraged to apply.

This year’s workshop will take place at the University of Arizona in Tucson, April 12-13. Applications may be closed for 2023 and will open close of 2023/January 2024.

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