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Map of United States with weather patterns

Big upgrade to short-range weather application

The Earth Prediction Innovation Center (EPIC) and the Unified Forecast System (UFS) community are proud to announce the public release of the UFS Short-Range Weather (SRW) Application version 2.2.0. This release introduces a number of changes since its previous v2.1.0 release from November 17, 2022. These changes reflect updates currently available in the develop branch. The SRW Application is designed for short-range weather forecasts at regional scales and time scales from minutes to several days. This modeling system includes all of the pre- and post-processing capabilities needed to run an end-to-end forecast, from defining a model grid to generating graphics plots of the model forecast field output.

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Red autonomous glider in the shape of a surfboard with a sail is connected to a towline for deployment

NOAA deploys drones in the ocean and atmosphere to advance hurricane forecasting

Uncrewed systems and other tools are gathering data at different levels of the ocean and the atmosphere that are key to understanding how storms form, build, and intensify.  Together with NOAA Hurricane Hunter aircraft carrying sensors, this data paints a clearer picture for scientists of the forces that drive hurricanes. Predicting these changes in hurricanes enables communities to better prepare, which can protect lives and property and strengthen local economies.

NOAA deploys drones in the ocean and atmosphere to advance hurricane forecasting Read More >

Parikha and Wayne talking while standing next to a model of a plane

Patenting innovation in climate science

Parikha Mehta has spent the last four months focused on the intersection of intellectual property and climate and environmental technologies while on an employee exchange (known as a detail) at NOAA from the U.S Patent and Trade Office (USPTO). Her goal: Help researchers understand the importance of protecting their inventions so that NOAA’s research and technology can better serve the public and inspire future innovation. 

Patenting innovation in climate science Read More >

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