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OOMD OceanObs’19 Conference Engagement

Sept 16-20: David Legler, Director of OOMD, and other members of the OOMD team will be attending the OceanObs'19 Conference in Honolulu, Hawaii. This decadal conference seeks to improve response to scientific and societal needs of a fit-for-purpose integrated ocean observing system, for better understanding the environment of the Earth, monitoring climate, and informing adaptation strategies as well as the sustainable use of ocean resources.  

  • David Legler is an invited panelist for two sessions: “A sustainable fit-for-purpose ocean observing system” (Sept 16, 11:30-12:30) and “Climate Variability and Change” (Sept 16, 2:00-4:00). David will also be part of the concluding OceanObs'19 Plenary “Sponsors” Panel on Friday, Sept 20, representing US federal interests.

Sept 17 – NOAA’s Special Session, An Ocean of Data: NOAA’s Role in Marine Extreme Events and Hazards. OOMD and IOOS (NOS) have been working together to plan NOAA’s Special Session, which will take place Tuesday, September 17 from 11:30 – 12:30 and include a panel with leadership from OAR, NOS, NESDIS, NMFS, and NWS, including AA McLean. Dr. Neil Jacobs will deliver opening remarks. 

Sept 18 – Breaking Waves, Breaking Barriers: Celebrating Women in Ocean Science Across the Generations. This event will be a discussion and reception as we pay tribute to great women and inspire the future generations for a more inclusive, robust, and forward-leaning discipline. Wendy Schmidt will give opening remarks before the panel discussion begins. Several hundred people from 35 countries have registered to attend this event. OOMD Program Manager, Emily Smith is the lead organizer of this event.

Sept 17-19: NOAA Booth – Members from the OOMD and IOOS teams are managing the NOAA Booth in the Exhibition Hall, which will be open from 8:00am to 6:00pm Sept 17-19. Lightning Talks will take place from 4:00-6:00 each night and demos will take place in the early afternoon. Several OOMD Program Managers and PIs will be presenting Lightning Talks on new research in ocean observing. Tuesday, Sept 17 from 5:15 to 6:00 NOAA leadership will be at the booth to engage with participants and to celebrate 10 years of ocean observing on the NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer. AA McLean will deliver remarks.

Additional OOMD Activities at OceanObs’19: 

September 13-16: OOMD is co-sponsoring with the WMO and China’s Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) National Center for Ocean Standards and Metrology (NCOSM), the IOC/WMO Data Buoy Cooperation Panel’s (DBCP) Fourth Pacific Islands Training Workshop on Ocean Observations for Data Applications (PI-4) to be held at the University of Hawaii at Manoa Information Technology Center hosted by the U.S. Pacific Islands Integrated Ocean Observing System (PacIOOS). Representatives from over twenty Pacific Ocean Nations will participate in training on Data exchange, identifying user needs, China’s WMO-IOC Centre for Marine-Meteorological and Oceanographic Climate Data (CMOC), NOAA CO-OPS, Instrumentation deployment, Ocean Acidification, Ocean Best Practices, NWS Central Pacific Hurricane Center forecasting, and participate in the initial day of OceanObservations 2019. For more details please contact OOMD Program Manager, Sid Thurston:  

Sept 14-15: OOMD Program Manager, Emily Smith is hosting (with OOMD sponsorship), an outreach workshop for local teachers at be held at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, as part of the SEREAD Program. On Saturday, 2nd-4th grade teachers will learn hands on activities about “How to investigate aspects of weather and climate through experiments and look at what climate change will mean for Hawaii.” On Sunday, 5th-8th grade teachers will learn “How to investigate the changes in the ocean brought about by climate change –such as heating, expansion, acidification and currents. Finding and interpreting online sources of data from sources such as the Argo floats.” All lessons have been specifically tailored for Hawaii including mapping onto the local curriculum standards.

Sept 15: OOMD Program Manager, Kathy Tedesco is organizing and supporting the “6th F2F meeting of the Science Committee of the Global Ocean Ship-based Hydrographic Investigations Program (GO-SHIP)”.  The GO-SHIP Steering Committee provides scientific leadership and oversight for the development and implementation of the decadal global survey of hydrographic sections operated by national research institutions. Representatives from over 15 countries including Australia, Canada, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, Poland, Republic of Korea, South Africa, Spain, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, and the United States, will be in attendance. 

Sept 15: OOMD fellows Anna Apostel and Kelley Uhlig will be attending the conference Early Career Event. This event is designed to help early career scientists engage with the ocean observation community in a setting focused on hearing the voices of the OceanObs’29 conference. This event will set the stage for additional early career engagement throughout the conference focusing on empowering the next generation to actively participate in the conference. This event, and the additional conference week engagement will culminate in an Early Career Panel on the closing day of the conference of speakers selected from the Early Career cohort.

Sept 18: David Legler, Shelby Brunner and Kelley Uhlig are organizing a TPOS 2020 Resources Forum Luncheon to discuss the future governance and structure of TPOS 2020 after the Project’s design period ends at the end of 2020. International and intergovernmental participation is expected. 

OOMD fellow, Anna Apostel has been working as a key member of the international OceanObs’19 planning team and with NOAA ocean observing programs to prepare OOMD and NOAA as a whole for OceanObs’19. Anna developed the conference community white paper synthesis and has assisted the conference program committee on early career event planning and engagement. Within NOAA, she has facilitated and coordinated with a NOAA working group for the conference, helped coordinate and develop the NOAA Special Session and NOAA Booth activities. 

The ocean observing community has been hard at work writing and reviewing community white papers aimed at addressing the key issues and future decadal goals of ocean observing. These peer-reviewed articles are being published in a special issue of Frontiers in Marine Science under the topic OceanObs19: An Ocean of Opportunity. Out of the 140 papers currently published or under review for this special issue, 63 of them have contributions from OOMD team members or affiliated PI authors, with 16 of them being lead authors. The articles included in this special issue describe visions and aspirations for the coming decade related to new and improved synergies between end users and providers of ocean observations, opportunities for more integration at the global and regional level, and advancing the different societal benefits identified. These have focused the conferences 7 societal benefit themes (Discovery, Ecosystem health & Biodiversity, Climate Variability & Change, Water Food & Energy Security,  Pollution & Human Health, Hazards & Maritime Safety, and Blue Economy) and overarching themes of governance, interoperability, integration and information. 

Peer-reviewed Papers in the OceanObs’19 Special Issue with OOMD Co-Authors:



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