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greenhouse gases

This solar geoengineering idea has a Goldilocks problem

Marine cloud brightening, a geoengineering approach to cooling the surface of the Earth by increasing the reflectivity of marine clouds, may be more difficult to execute than anticipated, according to a new NOAA study. 

NOAA, Boeing team up to test greenhouse gas-measuring technology

Scientists with NOAA's Global Monitoring Laboratory will evaluate the optimal placement of greenhouse-gas sampling inlets on a Boeing 737 flying testbed owned by Alaska Air during Boeing's 2021 ecoDemonstrator technology development program. 

Commerce building now part of NOAA, NIST weather and greenhouse gas tracking network

NOAA and NIST have installed a Doppler lidar instrument to an existing weather station on top of the Department of Commerce’s Herbert Clark Hoover Building in Washington, D.C. to measure wind flow and turbulence in the lowest part of the atmosphere for a research project studying greenhouse gas emissions in the Capitol area. 

Tracking fossil fuel emissions with carbon-14

Researchers from NOAA and the University of Colorado Boulder have devised a breakthrough method for estimating national emissions of carbon dioxide from fossil fuels using ambient air samples and a well-known isotope of carbon that scientists have relied on for decades to date archaeological sites.

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