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FACETs workshop, OAR FACETs working group at NSSL

Sept. 23-25, a FACETs post-doc orientation meeting and OAR working group are hosted by OWAQ at NSSL's offices in Norman, Oklahoma. The goal of the workshop is to familiarize post-docs with the project and progress on the project, while coordinating ideas for the future of the project during the working group. FACETs is Forecasting a Continuum of Environmental Threats and is a proposed next-generation framework for communicating hazardous weather information to be utilized and developed by labs throughout OAR.

FACETs workshop, OAR FACETs working group at NSSL Read More >

NOAA OWAQ to hold FACETs Workshop

OWAQ, in partnership with the OAR Labs and operational NWS partners will hold a FACETs Workshop in Norman, OK September 23-25, 2019 with two objectives:

  1. Provide a detailed orientation to the 4 OWAQ-funded Postdocs (Sept 23-24) being tasked with the FACETs expansion research through a series of high-level overviews, lectures, interactive technological demonstration, facility tours and team-building activities executed by the resident NOAA, FACETs, OAR Lab and NWS operational experts.
  2. Provide a robust meeting for the FPWG members (Sept 24-25) in efforts to identify research gaps, deepen understanding and applicability of the FACETs concepts, create tangible FACETs expansion mission goals for the labs and hazard areas, and strengthen relationships with the NWS operational partners invested the FACETs mission.

NOAA OWAQ to hold FACETs Workshop Read More >

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