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Big Sur coast

NOAA and partners showcase ocean action at the UN Ocean Decade Conference

The ocean might seem like a distant and vast expanse, but its health directly impacts each and every one of us. The ocean provides sustenance for billions of people worldwide, supporting livelihoods, economies, and cultural practices. Protecting ocean ecosystems is essential for maintaining biodiversity and preserving the wonders of the natural world, and sustaining life on earth.

NOAA and partners showcase ocean action at the UN Ocean Decade Conference Read More >

Group of women scientists on steps

Women in Sciences Leadership Workshop

Women face many leadership challenges at every career stage. NOAA hosts a “Women in Sciences Leadership” workshop to provide training that builds personal leadership and management skills for success in scientific organizations. This annual workshop started in 2018 and continues to provide women across the nation with skills with a better understanding of their natural work styles, how to work with others, and how to deliver and accept feedback, and emotional intelligence. While NOAA supports this workshop, it is open to all people in sciences who identify as women.

Women in Sciences Leadership Workshop Read More >

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