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This solar geoengineering idea has a Goldilocks problem

Marine cloud brightening, a geoengineering approach to cooling the surface of the Earth by increasing the reflectivity of marine clouds, may be more difficult to execute than anticipated, according to a new NOAA study. 

Clear skies over Manhattan greeted scientists from NOAA and the University of Maryland during a research flight aboard an instrumented Cessna 402 owned and operated by the University Research Foundation on May 2

2020’s Economic Slowdown Provides Opportunity to Investigate Ozone Pollution in the U.S.

When COVID-19 pandemic began in the US, counties and cities across the nation imposed stay at home orders, closed schools or imposed travel restrictions. From March 2020 onward, many Americans hung up car keys and settled into their homes for work and school. Traffic patterns dramatically changed, and previously smog filled vistas became clearer.

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