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Home » Kendra Hammond on funding climate research and the importance of self care

Kendra Hammond on funding climate research and the importance of self care

Kendra Hammond is a grants management program specialist in NOAA’s Climate Program Office (CPO). In this role, she implements and manages grants and cooperative agreements through the award process and provides grant-related assistance to the internal and external grant community. She has worked in CPO (formerly Office of Global Programs) for over 20 years.

What is your typical day at NOAA like, and how has the pandemic changed your typical work day?

While my typical workday would include many hands-on and in-person interactions with my colleagues to accomplish everyday tasks, the pandemic has made this extremely difficult. In response to the new virtual environment, we've had to recreate and revamp business processes to accommodate 100 percent telework. 

For instance, what we now call an electronic routing slip used to be in the form of a printout that you could hand carry to the next person to sign. While electronic routing would seem to be more efficient, there is quite a difference in the time that it takes to get a document routed electronically.

What were some of the challenges you faced this year? Have you been able to adapt and if so, how?

Mandatory full-time telework has many rewards, but as a mom of two teenagers it can present a different set of challenges. Both of my kids are participating in 100 percent virtual schooling and any moment of the day I can be called upon to fix a computer that just froze or a printer that won't print in between zooming down the stairs to call in to my next meeting –  without appearing like I just ran a marathon.  

What experience or advice helps you when you’re faced with setbacks?

There are moments in the day where both my home life and work life collide and setbacks become apparent, but taking the time to regroup has become very valuable. I've found a new love for meditation which has become quite a refreshing and rewarding experience to balance work and home life. Self care promotes self power.

Has your idea or definition of success changed in the past year?

My view of success has definitely changed in the past year. It's not about how many actions one can successfully complete in a particular amount of time. It's about the amount of time, effort and quality that goes into completing one action.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

Two things I enjoy most about my work are the people I work with, and knowing that I am a part of a process that successfully funds climate research.

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