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Home » Sea Grant to Announce $16 Million in Aquaculture Funding

Sea Grant to Announce $16 Million in Aquaculture Funding

Sea Grant plans to announce the 2019 aquaculture awards on September 19. This year's awards include a federal commitment of $16 million (over up to three years depending on the project) through three targeted programs. The programs represent specific areas of need for U.S. aquaculture and build on the foundation Sea Grant, NOAA and others have built with investments over the last several years. 
Advanced Aquaculture Collaborative Programs: Ten projects will develop integrated teams of professionals focused on accelerating the development of specific aquaculture topics. These teams will establish a collaborative program to plan for and appropriately focus the next generation of aquaculture investments while enhancing the synthesis and transfer of past research advances to the industry. 

Exploring New Aquaculture Opportunities: Sixteen projects will focus on the development of new, and at times higher-risk, topics for which minimal foundation currently exists to inform and focus potential future investments.

Social, Economic, and Behavioral Research Needs in Aquaculture: Sixteen projects will address critical gaps in social, behavioral, and economic knowledge as it relates to U.S. aquaculture and the communities impacted and served by it. 

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