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July 16, 2015

2014 State of the Climate: Fires

Globally, carbon emissions from fires were near the long-term average in 2014, but North America's emissions were 70% higher than average.

2014 State of the Climate: Sea Level

In 2014, global average sea level was 2.6 inches (67 mm) above the 1993-2010 average, which is the highest yearly average in the satellite record.

2014 State of the Climate: Author Q&A

The annual State of the Climate reports involve more than 400 international authors from more than 50 countries. Two chapter authors reflect on what it means to play a part in such an ambitious report.

2014 State of the Climate: Temperature Extremes

Cool conditions prevailed across large parts of the North America in 2014. Everywhere else, the frequency of warm days was higher than average, and the frequency of cold nights was below average.

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