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Home » New Zealand visiting NOAA to discuss multiple collaborations

New Zealand visiting NOAA to discuss multiple collaborations

John Morgan (CEO) and Rob Murdoch (GM for Research) of the New Zealand Institute for Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA), will visit NOAA on August 5th for a series of meetings.  NIWA has been a longstanding partner of NOAA and shares a very similar research portfolio (more info).  The purpose of the meeting is two-fold: 
US/NZ Joint Commission Meeting (JCM), August 25th-26th: NOAA will be sitting across the table from NIWA at the upcoming JCM in Auckland, and will co-chair two working groups. This meeting will cover advance coordination for JCM topics.
Enhancing NOAA/NIWA Collaborations: NOAA and NIWA signed a letter of intent in 2012 to further collaboration in a range of potential areas.  This meeting will serve as an opportunity to further expand on these discussions.

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