Thursday, April 24, 2014

Hearty congratulations to our photo contest winners! In the "Enviroscapes" category, first place goes to Ajay Krishnan Subramaniam, second goes to Jeremiah Gee, and third is Ross Burgener. For "In The I-Moment", we have Lynne Gratz in first, David Chu both in second and third. In "Science In Action", first place goes to Bruce Cowden followed by Tara Dolan in second with a submission from NOAA in third. The very popular "Sea Life In Action" saw Christina Morrisette with first place followed by Katrina Phillips in second and the NOAA Okeanos Explorer Program in third. Last but not least, in the "Weather In Action" category, Kyle Marschall leads the pack in first, Charles Vann in second, and finally, Michael Coniglio in third.

Thanks to everyone who entered and, of course, to all that voted! Don't forget to visit our Facebook photo section!

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