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Modernizing rainfall estimates unveiled

NOAA’s FY 2024 Budget:
Building a climate-ready nation

New budget request will support sustainable economic development while emphasizing equity.

About NOAA Research

NOAA Research enables better forecasts, earlier warnings for natural disasters, and a greater understanding of the Earth.

Oceanic and Atmospheric Research (OAR)—or “NOAA Research”—provides the research foundation for understanding the complex systems that support our planet.

Working in partnership with other organizational units of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, a bureau of the Department of Commerce, NOAA Research enables better forecasts, earlier warnings for natural disasters, and a greater understanding of the Earth.

Our role is to provide unbiased science to better manage the environment, nationally, and globally.

Latest Research News

A long, torpedo-shaped device is strapped to the side of a boat that is moving fast through lake water.

Can robots provide data on toxic cyanobacteria in lakes?

Autonomous vehicles dive into some of the Great Lakes’ harmful algal blooms Blooms of toxic cyanobacteria can impact human and ecosystem health and have led to the death of pets and livestock. Providing accurate and frequent measurements of toxins associated with cyanobacteria harmful algal blooms (HABs) is important for public

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Latest Research News

Read about the latest advances in wind, weather and water forecasts in the new FY22 report. 

NOAA Releases FY 22 Science Report

Tornado touching ground in a field
National Severe Storms Laboratory

Science impact: Experimental Warn-on-Forecast system yields 75-minute lead time on violent tornado

On May 21, 2024, severe thunderstorms struck central Iowa, producing flash flooding, straight line wind damage and at least nine tornadoes. One of those tornadoes impacted the community of Greenfield, resulting in five fatalities. The tornado was rated an EF4 by the NOAA National Weather Service (NWS), with an estimated wind speed of up to 185 miles per hour.

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