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NOAA seeks public input on future priorities for research and development

NOAA seeks public input on future priorities for research and development

Draft research and development plan is open for public comment until August 26

NOAA is asking the general public and our stakeholders for comments on a new draft plan that outlines agency priorities for research and development from 2020 to 2026. 

The draft was written based on input from across NOAA as well public comments received earlier this year to a request for public suggestions prior to the plan being written. 

The draft outlines three key overarching priorities, which are: 

--Reducing societal impacts from severe weather and other environmental phenomena

--Sustainable use and stewardship of ocean and coastal resources

--A robust and effective research, development, and transition enterprise

Reducing weather impacts

Reducing weather impacts

Reducing societal impacts from severe weather is one of three top priorities of the draft NOAA Research and Development Plan.

Within each of these priorities, there are multiple objectives.

Some examples include producing reliable and timely forecasts of seasonal and two-to-four week conditions for droughts, tornadoes, fires, coastal inundation, sea ice conditions and heat waves; developing next-generation fisheries and protected species assessments that incorporate the effects of climate change; and developing and implementing procedures to improve the public perception of and decisions in response to NOAA bulletins and warnings for severe weather, harmful algal blooms and safe maritime navigation.

The plan is designed to help NOAA and the public identify priorities and evaluate progress toward anticipated outcomes that will benefit the American public. 

To read the draft, visit NOAA's website or please see the Federal Register Notice.

Public comments will be welcomed until August 26, 2019. You can submit your comments by email to Please include the subject line “NOAA R&D Plan Public Comment.”


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