Thursday, March 22, 2018

Research News

Target: Hurricanes Target: Hurricanes

Target: Hurricanes

NOAA scientists part of NASA-led mission to study the damaging storms with unmanned aircraft, new instruments

Researchers from NASA, NOAA, the National Center for Atmospheric Research and others are launching a three-year mission to better understand what makes hurricanes intensify or weaken, and what factors steer the destructive storms.

‘Prawling’ around in the Atlantic ‘Prawling’ around in the Atlantic

‘Prawling’ around in the Atlantic

A new type of buoy powered by the waves is being used during a large scale field study sampling the salinity – or saltiness – of the mid-Atlantic Ocean.

Magnifying Smoke Magnifying Smoke

Magnifying Smoke

A new study directly measures the heat-trapping effect of wildfires during an actual wildfire that burned near Boulder, Colo., in 2010.