Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Federal, state agencies announce $3.7 million to restore Alabama natural resources

Public invited to virtually join NOAA exploration of the Gulf, live from the seafloor

Exploration visits unexplored areas and gas seeps in northern Gulf of Mexico

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Through telepresence technology, satellite, and high-speed Internet pathways between ship and shore, scientists ashore view information from sensors and high-definition cameras as it is collected at sea.

Students win chance to launch a NOAA global ocean drifter for Earth Day

Students and scientists benefit from 21st-century 'message in a bottle' launches

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Middle and high school students in six cities across America have won the chance to deploy a NOAA global ocean drifter for Earth Day, earning the opportunity to launch a small 44-pound floating buoy into an ocean current.

New NOAA-supported West Coast studies to look at models for sustaining America's fishing industry

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The “locavore” movement helps America’s farmers. Could it also help our fishing industry? Two new NOAA Sea Grant studies will look at how new business models, based on the success of community supported agriculture, could benefit fishing communities in Washington, Oregon, and California.


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