Saturday, February 24, 2018

The Scientists Are In

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Communicating with the public about scientific topics isn't easy - even for scientists talking about their own work. A partnership between NOAA and the San Francisco Exploratorium museum is taking steps to train scientists to talk to the public about their work with the benefit of having NOAA research highlighted in one of the premier science centers in the world.

Rainwater Harvesting: Recycling a Precious Resource

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History is replete with accounts of ancient civilizations collecting and storing water for household and agricultural uses. The Romans engineered elaborate aqueduct systems to harness and convey rainwater to cisterns beneath the empire’s population centers. And the North American Anasazi channeled rainwater from mesa tops into stone-lined reservoirs. These history lessons were not lost on nature photographer Mike Halminski.

Taggers Volunteer to Help U.S. Vets

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Project Healing Waters is a cooperative volunteer program that engages disabled veterans in physical and emotional rehabilitation through fly-fishing. This winter, the Fly Fishers of Virginia and Dominion Power have teamed up to bring some of the U.S.'s wounded warriors to the Chesapeake Energy Center's Hot Ditch for three Project Healing Waters events.