Saturday, February 24, 2018

NOAA Open House Opens Seattle's Eyes to Marine Science and Technology

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NOAA held an Open House on June 14 at its Seattle Sand Point campus. Four tours were offered that focused on different aspects of NOAA’s mission: Marine Mammal Science - featuring the bone collection; Fisheries Surveys – showing off the net loft; Physical Science – focusing on ocean engineering, the dive center, and the weather forecasting floor; and a Shoreline Restoration walk emphasizing the connection between aquatic environments and our everyday lives.

Hydrologic Dashboard Tool Washes Out Storm Uncertainties

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Inspiration struck with the large storm that hit Duluth, Minnesota in October of 2005. The flooding that ensued after this unexpected event caught many off guard, so University of Wisconsin Sea Grant’s David Hart hired several graduate students to create an online tool that would show where and how the storm affected the area, and provide insight to similar events in the future.