Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Krasting, John

Understanding the Relationship Between Earth's Climate and Ecosystems

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Always naturally curious about his surroundings, particularly the weather and its different patterns, John Krasting's love for weather has led him to study the complexities of the Earth’s climate system.

Zhang, Hongyan

Understanding Great Lakes Ecosystems

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Hongyan Zhang, Ph.D., uses computer models to investigate various topics, like the impact of invasive mussels on plankton, the occurrence of blue-green algal blooms, and the effectiveness of the phosphorous reduction program in Lake Erie.

Vanderploeg, Henry A.

Great Lakes Ecologist Studies the Huge Impact of a Tiny Invasive Species

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As non-native mussels have multiplied in Lake Michigan and beyond, Henry A. Vanderploeg's work has revealed how devastating this invasion is to the Great Lakes food web and ecosystem.

Mundy, Phil

Sharing a Passion for Alaska Coastal Resources

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As director of the NOAA Auke Bay Laboratories in Juneau, Alaska, Phil Mundy is as passionate about his lab’s role in supporting stewardship of marine and coastal resources as he is about explaining the lab’s work to broader audiences.

Wood, Michelle

Stretching the Boundaries of What We Know about the Ocean

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Michelle Wood, Ph.D., uses tools from genetics, cell biology, oceanography, and remote sensing to explore connections between microorganisms in the sea and the physical processes influence them.