Tuesday, February 20, 2018
NOAA announces its five-year research and development plan
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NOAA announces its five-year research and development plan

Media contact: Monica Allen, monica.allen@noaa.gov, 301-734-1123

NOAA today announced the release of its five year research and development plan—a document that will guide NOAA scientists’ efforts to better observe, predict and protect our changing planet.

NOAA 5 Year R&D Plan

NOAA 5 Year R&D Plan

NOAA's 5 year R&D plan is available online at http://go.usa.gov/DpQ5.

The plan, the third of its kind at NOAA and the first to include ‘development,’ was crafted based on input from NOAA employees, other federal agencies, professional societies, and members of the public. It also aligns with NOAA’s longer-term vision to conduct the innovative science needed to serve society.

NOAA R&D continues to evolve with the needs of the nation and is directed to increase our understanding of the oceans, coasts, climate and weather. NOAA seeks an understanding of the global ocean-atmosphere system, and the ecosystems it supports, to inform decision-making aimed at building a more sustainable society. This Five Year R&D Plan will:

·  Guide the management of R&D projects by providing a basis for planning, tracking, and evaluating results

·  Promote collaboration with partners inside and outside the federal government to further serve society through NOAA's R&D enterprise

NOAA will continue to work closely with scientific partners, both inside and outside the federal government, to provide the research and development needed to fulfill NOAA’s mission. The input of our valued stakeholders and working with scientific partners provides NOAA with the direction needed to effectively serve the nation.

The NOAA Five-Year Research & Development Plan is available in an online, interactive and accessible format at http://nrc.noaa.gov/CouncilProducts/ResearchPlans/5YearRDPlan.aspx.  A PDF of the plan can also be found on the website.

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