Saturday, March 24, 2018

Tropical Cyclones

Through the Joint Hurricane Testbed (JHT), the United States Weather Research Program (USWRP) enables research for direct improvements into tropical cyclone forecasting and understanding. JHT operates an open peer-reviewed research competition every 2 years. USWRP funded scientists transition their products into NWS, EMC and Navy operational weather centers.

Peer-reviewed competitive research efforts in the last 10 years have been transitioned into hurricane forecast operations, with additional research. This research, involving federal and academic partners, has led to improvements in NOAA’s forecasts of hurricane surface winds and storm tracks. These are crucial for helping emergency managers and citizens plan for destructive wind and storm surge impacts when a hurricane hits the coast.

JHT promotes several main activities. One is to identify new techniques, models, observing systems, etc. with potential for improving forecast guidance, by an announcement of opportunity and a proposal, review, and funding process.

JHT will establish and maintain an infrastructure to facilitate the modification and transfer of research applications into the operational computing, communication, and display environment.

JHT will complete tests in a quasi-operational environment of tools and techniques provided by funded researchers, with metrics for scientific performance, ease-of-use, and time constraints. 

JHT prepares documentation, training, and performance evaluations of successfully transferred products to facilitate use and support in operations.

For more information please visit the JHT website.

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