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1315 East-West Highway Silver Spring, MD 20910


Phone: 301.713.2458

NOAA Research, Silver Spring, Md.

Monica Allen, Media Relations
301-734-1123 or

Air Resources Laboratory, College Park, Md.

Margaret Simon, Communications Specialist
301-683-1384 or

Earth System Research Laboratory, Boulder, CO.

Theo Stein, Media Relations
303-497-6288 or

Ocean Exploration and Research, Silver Spring, Md.

Emily Crum, Public Affairs Specialist
202-424-0081 or

Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Lab, Miami, Fl.

Laura Chaibongsai, AOML Communications
305-361-4541 or

Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Lab, Princeton, NJ.

Maria Setzer, Communications and Outreach Lead
609-452-6643 or

Great Lakes Environmental Research Lab, Ann Arbor, MI.

Margaret Lansing, Chief of Information Services  
734-641-2210 or

National Severe Storms Laboratory, Norman, OK

Keli Pirtle, Public Affairs Specialist
405-325-6933 or

Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory, Seattle, WA.

Adi Hanein, Communications and Outreach Lead
206-526-6810 or

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