Saturday, March 24, 2018

NOAA Research Strategic Plan

NOAA Research has updated its Strategic Plan to create a framework aligned with the NOAA 5-year Research & Development Plan released last year. The OAR strategic plan will serve as the basis for evaluating and managing OAR's portfolio and its performance. This page will also provide additional details on goals, objectives, and performance expectations to be compiled in a companion document, the multiannual OAR Implementation Plan.

We have adopted a simple but powerful model for our strategic plan, framed as answers to five types of questions:

  • Aims: What is our vision of the future? What goals and questions drive our enterprise?
  • Activities: What is our mission? What types of products will allow us to achieve our aims?
  • Organizations: Who does what? Who are our different partners and what do they bring to the table?
  • Approaches: How do we do it? In what ways will we conduct activities with our  organizations?
  • Evaluations: How do we judge our success? What evidence informs programmatic decisions?

Download the Strategic Plan (PDF link download the reader here)

Please direct questions on the OAR Strategic Plan to our office.

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