Saturday, December 16, 2017

NOAA scientists get rare chance to study the effects of an eclipse on...

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The August 21 eclipse will give NOAA scientists an unprecedented opportunity to compare conditions of the atmosphere with and without the eclipse, and see how it interrupts processes in the lowest part of the atmosphere in direct contact with Earth’s surface across the entire continent. 

Solving coastal California’s precipitation puzzle

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Starting this summer, NOAA and the Sonoma County Water Agency will kick off a four-year, $19 million project to build a new regional radar and advanced rainfall forecast system to give water agencies in the nine-county San Francisco Bay area better warning about potential flooding and water quality impacts from heavy rainfall events.

Summer of sailing drones

Unmanned ocean vehicles are collecting data from the Arctic to the tropics

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Over the next four months, NOAA scientists will launch unmanned ocean vehicles, called Saildrones, from the Arctic to the tropical Pacific Ocean to help better understand how changes in the ocean are affecting weather, climate, fisheries and marine mammals. The wind and solar-powered research vehicles that resemble a sailboat will travel thousands of miles across the ocean, reaching some areas never before surveyed with such specialized technology.