Sunday, May 24, 2015

FY 2016 Budget Activity

On May 20, the House Appropriations Committee marked up the FY 2016 Commerce-Justice-Science (CJS) appropriations bill.  The Committee recommends a total of nearly $5.2 billion for NOAA, which is $273.7 million below FY 2015 and $807.4 below the President’s Budget Request for FY 2016 request.

The Committee recommendation includes a total of $409.7 million for OAR operations, research and facilities (ORF) and $22.379 for procurement, acquisition and construction (PAC).  ORF is $23.2 million below FY 2015 spend plan and $74.9 million below the FY 2016 request.  The PAC recommendation is equal to the request level and $9.0 million above the FY 2015 spend plan level.

The recommendation includes a $30 million decrease in OAR Climate Research from FY 2015 (-$20 million in Climate Competitive Research and -$10 million in Labs and Cooperative Institutes).  It also decreases Sustained Ocean Observations and Monitoring by $1.3 million from FY 2015. The bill provides increases to weather and air chemistry research ($5 million for laboratories and Cooperative Institutes and $4 million to the US Weather Research Program), and Ocean Exploration and Research ($4 million), as well as supports the requested increase of $9 million for high-performance computers.

The Senate Appropriations Committee has yet to mark up their version of the bill, and may do so in June.

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President's FY 2016 Budget Request

On February 2, President Obama issued his proposed FY 2016 budget for NOAA, which totals nearly $6 billion supports investments in our priorities: (1) community and economic resilience, (2) evolving the National Weather Service, (3) observational infrastructure, and (4) organizational excellence.  NOAA requests a total of $507 million to support the continued and enhanced operations of OAR, an increase of $60.7 million above the FY 2015 enacted.  You can find more detailed information in the NOAA FY 2016 Blue BookOAR Highlights, and this table of OAR budget activity from FY14-FY16.

Craig McLean, OAR Assistant Administrator, will hold an OAR Update call from 3-4 pm ET on June 1. If you would like to join the call, please email

FY 2015 Budget

On December 16, President Obama signed H.R. 83, funding most of the government, including $5.44 billion for NOAA, for the remainder of FY15. The bill is now Public Law 113-235.

PL 113-235 provides OAR funding of $432.9M for Operations, Research and Facilities (ORF), which is $16.5M above the FY14 enacted level of $416.4M and $15.9M below the FY 2015 request of $448.8M.  For OAR Procurement, Acquisition and Construction (PAC), the bill provides $13.4M, which is $3M above the FY 2014 enacted level of $10.4M and the same as the FY 2015 request of $13.4M.

Budget Process

We receive many questions about the timing of the budget process.  The timeline below is intended as a guide to help explain the process from budget formulation to execution. 

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